Well, THAT was fun…

I have been “blogging” for a few years, but trying to do it more seriously about a year or so. It has been fascinating, since moving to WordPress, to see how certain articles gain certain hits. I just don’t get a lot of activity on my blog, but that’s nothing new. I expect to blog about something inane, like spiritual disciplines, which bores the stuffing out of Christians. Really…why bother with all that spiritual discipline stuff? Can’t I just put up a good worship video or something?

At any rate, a couple of times I had some really fun days for me. Nothing huge, but all of a sudden, I went from 20 hits to 200. One time it was book review on Roy Williams. So, that’s a bit understandable.

But I did a fun post on cell phones in the bathroom, and ZOOM.

Now, I’m back to zero hits. So, life is back to normal. For four days, it was a TON of fun, so thanks for giving me a big rush during that time.

7 thoughts on “Well, THAT was fun…

  1. I like both the crazy topics you come up with, along with spiritual articles and disciplines… especially ones that come from other media sources. Keep sticking things up on the blog anyways, we ARE reading them!!!

  2. I stop here most every time you put up a new post, Dan.

    You know, last August I put up a post on the “Tent of Meeting” back in Exodus, and I’m amazed, but every single day I get at least one hit on that post. Many times it’s my most popular post. I only ever got one single reply, so it’s not that people want to talk about it (with me, at least) but they sure come to see what I had to say!

    I guess you never know what’s gonna turn people’s crank!

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