Hopefully an upgrade

I have used WordPress for years and had the “free” plan. That meant from time to time there would be ads at the bottom of each post.

A family member sent me a screen shot the other day of a post with an ad at the bottom. It was enough to send me scrambling to pay for an upgrade so hopefully readers won’t have to see ads like THAT any more.

Hopefully, my site will now be “ad free.”

Happy Anniversary

I was informed by a WordPress notification this is my 5th Anniversary for this blog.

I’ll never match tremendous numbers of “hits” or views like other great friends of mine, but I have enjoyed the process.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you to those who let me know in person that you read my blog.

It’s meaningful to me. I hope it is to you.

Happy Anniversary.

Are any other WordPress Users having trouble with highlighted links right now?

An interesting development, brought to my attention yesterday, is I had whole pages that were blank. Then, I discovered the problem is links I highlight have disappeared.  For an example, click on my “Book Review” page and see what happened to my book titles.

Is anyone else using WordPress having this issue? Or, if it has happened and you fixed it, could you help a brother out?



Is Blogger Catching Up with WordPress?

For all WordPress fanatics, the answer is instantly, “NO!”

But that may be a hasty answer.

I have been with WordPress for a couple of years and really enjoy it. The main reason I like it is people don’t have to have a Google account to sign in and leave a comment. I also liked WP initially because it gave me a stat counter right away.

But Google is upping its game. With all the goofy changes at Facebook, I am liking Google Plus a little bit better every day. I seriously doubt I could lose my presence on Facebook, but I could probably drastically reduce it at some point soon. Google Plus is giving me much more control over content that flows through my “reader.”

And Blogger is getting much more aggressive in its templates. I belong to Kiwanis and our club uses Blogger for its website. Lately I’ve had a lot of fun with some templates. This is making it a bit more tempting to think about moving back to Blogger. However, if comments need to come through a Google account, it still keeps me here.

Just some thoughts as I watch Google take over my world.

Well, THAT was fun…

I have been “blogging” for a few years, but trying to do it more seriously about a year or so. It has been fascinating, since moving to WordPress, to see how certain articles gain certain hits. I just don’t get a lot of activity on my blog, but that’s nothing new. I expect to blog about something inane, like spiritual disciplines, which bores the stuffing out of Christians. Really…why bother with all that spiritual discipline stuff? Can’t I just put up a good worship video or something?

At any rate, a couple of times I had some really fun days for me. Nothing huge, but all of a sudden, I went from 20 hits to 200. One time it was book review on Roy Williams. So, that’s a bit understandable.

But I did a fun post on cell phones in the bathroom, and ZOOM.

Now, I’m back to zero hits. So, life is back to normal. For four days, it was a TON of fun, so thanks for giving me a big rush during that time.

Experimenting with WordPress Appearances

I have changed a few times because I start to like a look, then realize I can’t do some things with that look. The last look I had was something I liked, but I couldn’t find a way to get my Blogroll on it, and I like having my blogroll there. One reason I like having it displayed is when I’m not on a home computer with my bookmarks, I can easily access my favorite blogs through my own blog.

So, for those of you on my blogroll, keep writing! 🙂