The Wonder of the Cross

It is about this time of year when a large part of the Church focuses on Lent that another part of the Church will cry out for more attention on the resurrection. The clamor is probably about the misconception of living in the cross without the power of the resurrection. I get that. I understand that can become a focus that is not healthy.

Yet, in this time of year, I am reminded of the incredible power of the cross. It’s not that I don’t live in the power of the resurrection. One of my favorite verses is about the same Spirit which raised Christ from the dead dwells in me (Rom. 8:11)!

Friends, it is BOTH. We must have the power of the cross effective in our lives. Through this time of reading in Lent I am also reminded of the overwhelming focus of Paul’s preaching. He says to the Corinthians, “But we preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor. 1:23). The cross is a stumbling block. Let it be a stumbling block for unbelievers, not believers!

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