New Book for Review Just Arrived

It’s actually a new translation called “The Voice” from Thomas Nelson. They sent me a complimentary copy for review. I admit, seeing one of the contributors (not one of the translators) had me skeptical. But I took it to my son’s swim meet tonight and read through some passages. I am pleasantly surprised! I look forward to a deeper look into this fresh translation. Review forthcoming.

4 thoughts on “New Book for Review Just Arrived

    1. That is a strange one!

      “The Voice that had been an enigma in the heaves chose to become human and live surrounded by His creations. We have seen Him. Undeniable splendor enveloped Him — the on true Son of God — evidenced in the perfect balance of grace and truth.”

      Enigma? In heaven? What in the world is that all about?

      Thanks for pointing that out.

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