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Spirit Led Leadership

This weekend I am leading a retreat and we are reflecting on Spirit-led leadership. I love learning from Moses, so I jotted down some of these thoughts about the leadership traits of Moses:

1. Hearing God

He heard God from the burning bush. He kept on listening. His prayer life was conversational with God. All through his leadership there is a constant conversation going on. He needed direction for what was ahead. He HAD to have the presence of God.

2. Obeying God

3. Confronting Evil

He could look Pharaoh in the eye and demand that God’s people be let go. He could stand with his rod at the Red Sea and see God take on the enemies of Israel. When rebellion needed to be dealt with in the camp, he stepped up.

4. Correcting the Saints

He also had to deal with confrontation inside the camp. If his leadership was questioned, he needed to respond. If they questioned God, he needed to respond. AND he needed to respond with the right words. He needed to hear from God! He needed to speak the right words. He needed to have a spiritual backbone to step up.

5. Interceding

He went toe-to-toe with God, so to speak. When God was ready to destroy Israel, Moses stood in the gap. As rebellious as Israel was, Moses knew the promises of God and called God to uphold his word.

6. He was human

He had a temper. It cost him the Promised Land. But he had emotions. It wasn’t in him to step around his emotions. He had failures. He was a murderer. And in his human condition, God used him.

7. Mentorship

He had Joshua. He taught others. He knew how to lead by example and teach the principles he was learning.

8. Learn to grow

Dr. Don Meyer (now president of Valley Forge Christian College) had a saying I loved, “Never stop yearning to keep on learning.”

We have to have a thirst for learning. We step out in the Spirit and we learn. There are things that go wrong. There are things that go right. We examine our lives, we take inventory. We evaluate.

We learn from others. We learn together. There are lessons to be learned from those who have gone before. We need to attach ourselves to people who are growing. What have they learned? How did they learn? What can I gain from their spirit?

9. Perseverance.

We stick to it. We don’t give up. Moses led them to the door of the Promised Land twice. He couldn’t go in himself, but he kept at it. We need perseverance. Let us hold on in prayer! Let’s not give up!

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