Diminished Expectations

The other night in our Bible study the question came up, “Can we ever get to a place where we don’t grumble?” (We are studying Philippians.) I said flatly, “Of course.” It drew out some surprised looks. I went on, “If it’s raised as an expectation in Scripture, why would we NOT think we couldContinue reading “Diminished Expectations”

Kingdom power is NOT about this world’s power

We keep refusing to understand the kingdoms of this world in an unredeemed state don’t operate under what we want to have as “true morality.” I got another email about some legislation where we need to “pray this doesn’t pass.” I understand that, but to try and force a world power to act like theContinue reading “Kingdom power is NOT about this world’s power”

Youth Ministry as “Cheap Grace?”

Scot McKnight gives some excerpts from an author named Andrew Root on the use of Bonhoeffer with youth. Root recommends taking some of Bonhoeffer’s essential ideas and utilizing them in discipling youth. (More HERE) He also gives a sober warning: It is possible that much of North American youth ministry is actually the perpetuation ofContinue reading “Youth Ministry as “Cheap Grace?””

Real Church. You may want to try it.

Great thoughts here from Scot McKnight on the local church. Ordinary small churches are the norm and the reality of church life, of kingdom-now life. We have the ideal in our head, and lifted up as THE model for church, McKnight tries to burst that bubble. As pastors we can even have our ideals: PastorsContinue reading “Real Church. You may want to try it.”

Are you finished being God?

Matthew 7:1-6 gives us the ultimate excuse to tell people to back off. We usually don’t like others prying into our messes, so we say something like, “Don’t judge me.” The Kingdom ethic is, of course, a bit more involved than us just trying to get people to back off. Scot McKnight’s new commentary, The SermonContinue reading “Are you finished being God?”

Book Review: Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not

I received Jesus is Lord Caesar is Not from IVP for the purposes of reading and reviewing the book. I am under no obligation to give a positive review. The book is edited by Scot McKnight and Joseph Modica and features several authors critiquing the thought of the New Testament being “anti-Empire.” They look atContinue reading “Book Review: Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not”

Careful, Your Inner Zealot is Showing

Scot McKnight has a good word regarding “evangelicals” and “zealotry.” We need to be mindful of what is GOOD and JUST, and not allow our own quest for “being right” get in the way of true freedom in Christ. But, overall, our zeal should be for Christ and his Kingdom and not our own particularContinue reading “Careful, Your Inner Zealot is Showing”


Scot McKnight is going through Tim Keller’s new book, City Church, over at Jesus Creed. McKnight offers a critique on Keller’s use of “justice” that I find interesting. When it comes to church and culture, I have had my thinking changed over the years. When I was growing up, it was the thick of the pro-life movement.Continue reading “Justice”

Seeking the Welfare of the City

The more I learn about Tim Keller as a pastor, the more I am impressed. I really want to know more about this guy. I’ve watched several videos where he engages the skeptics and agnostics. His style is so incredibly well formed to his setting. Some thoughts here on ministry in the city. In anContinue reading “Seeking the Welfare of the City”