The Here, the Now, the Future

Reading Matthew 24-25 always brings up the different theologies surrounding the end times, etc. This interview and post by Scot McKnight is interesting. Especially this quote: I believe heaven will be here, on earth. I believe in transformed physical existence. It will be what we have now only transformed into ideal conditions. Jesus was raisedContinue reading “The Here, the Now, the Future”

Leadership, Followership, Pastor, CEO

Scot McKnight has an interesting book review on his blog about Len Sweet’s new book. This may be a book worth examining. What is also worth reading are the comments on that particular post. At least from this review, there seem to be some things I would like to explore in the book. Christians areContinue reading “Leadership, Followership, Pastor, CEO”

The Danger of “Decision” Theology

Scot McKnight makes the comparisons of how the New Testament seems to be talking about Gospel… and how we “gospel” today. He pulls no punches. When all we care about is bringing people to a decision, to pray a prayer, to just admit their sin and find Jesus as Savior, we are doing damage. JesusContinue reading “The Danger of “Decision” Theology”

Decisions or Disciples

What did Jesus call us to? Get people to a decision… or call on us to follow him? Scot McKnight is highlighting this powerfully in his book, The King Jesus Gospel, but Dallas Willard was doing so before. And for some reason… we’re still not paying attention. I was in a very uncomfortable conversation yesterdayContinue reading “Decisions or Disciples”

Christian Vampires

Scot McKnight in his book, The King Jesus Gospel, quotes one of my favorite writers and thinkers, Dallas Willard. He takes Willard’s “gospel of sin management” and puts it in his context of h0w our culture is missing the gospel. We don’t want to follow Jesus. We want him to get rid of our sinContinue reading “Christian Vampires”

Why I am a Confessing Pentecostal

The founding of the Assemblies of God (my denomination) was based on the lack of creeds in the very beginning. They believed in the Bible, bless God, and that was enough. It wasn’t long before theological controversy forced them into a statement of faith. (But it’s not a creed. 😉 ) Over the years as IContinue reading “Why I am a Confessing Pentecostal”

The King Jesus Gospel — Messing Up the Message

I am beginning to work my way through The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight. My church staff will be making our way through it the next several weeks as well. The diagnosis of the “evangelical problem” resonates with me. The struggle over “decisions” and “disciples” has been something I’ve felt for all my years inContinue reading “The King Jesus Gospel — Messing Up the Message”

The King Jesus Gospel

I follow Scot McKnight on the Jesus Creed blog quite a bit, but other than that, I’m not familiar with his teaching. When The King Jesus Gospel was announced, the one thing that sold me on getting this book right away was there was a forward by Dallas Willard. I have a high regard for Willard,Continue reading “The King Jesus Gospel”

The Jesus Story vs. the Christian Country Club

Scot McKnight of Jesus Creed (on the web. By day he is a college prof) has some great thoughts on Christianity as a country club or Christianity as the place where the gospel story is told. His new book, The King Jesus Gospel, is a book I will be reading with my staff. It isContinue reading “The Jesus Story vs. the Christian Country Club”