Diminished Expectations

The other night in our Bible study the question came up, “Can we ever get to a place where we don’t grumble?” (We are studying Philippians.)

I said flatly, “Of course.”

It drew out some surprised looks. I went on, “If it’s raised as an expectation in Scripture, why would we NOT think we could have a place where we don’t grumble in our lives? Why SAY IT… and then not expect it?”

We have diminished expectations in our American Christianity. We settle in too easily.

I saw THIS POST this morning and this quote jumped out:

“It would be bad enough if Christians just forgot about spiritual growth, but the problem is worse than that. A good many Christians seem committed to the idea that we can expect little spiritual progress in this life”

We are a people of diminished expectations. The Kingdom is great than this. Our King is greater than this. And he deserves better from those who claim to follow him.

We need this call refreshed in our lives:

First Christians need to have the right expectations regarding maturity. Spiritual maturity is desirable. Maturity is the gateway to the kind of deep, powerful, experiential relationship with Christ that energized Paul. It is the path to a beautiful life of love. It is attainable, something to be expected in the life of every believer after a normal period of training. Finally, it is visible. People who fail to display the qualities of maturity are either spiritual infants or are slipping back into immature ways.

Lord, help us walk on to MATURITY.

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