Grief and anger … another African American dead

Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia.

Breonna Taylor in Kentucky.

George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Lament. Anger. Deep grief.

I was setting up my next interview/discussion on race this morning and the man I was messaging asked me if I saw what had JUST happened.

Next week… another interview/discussion on race and racism. Look for it.

But for now… in my lament… I want to draw your attention to the obvious on those three incidents that have happened to African Americans: police brutality and prosecutorial neglect.

When white folks ask what “systemic racism” means… this is what it is.

Lord… let us wake up.


Podcast — The ongoing issue of racism in our culture

I was privileged to interview two important voices in my life on the issue of racism in light of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

Marlena Graves is an author and activist. Her forthcoming book The Way Up is Down is a wake up call to have our eyes on the marginalized in our world.

Dennis Edwards is a professor of New Testament studies at North Park seminary. He has pastored urban churches, including Minneapolis where we met. His forthcoming book is Might from the Margins.

For the audio, go HERE.

For the video, go HERE.

For the white American church… it’s time

“The white evangelical church has a long and lamentable history of silence when African Americans are under attack. Wouldn’t this be the right time to stand with the African American community and say these senseless killings have got to stop? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to expand your abortion views and resources to include the value of life AFTER birth?”

More… WAY more… is HERE.

The divided past I lived and the future we are invited to change

This post is STILL about racism and Ahmaud Arbery. It’s not about Ahmaud Arbery alone, so I am giving you time to bail off this post.

This will be a longer post about a lot of aspects concerning racism, and things I have to realize even from my own younger life.

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DO “Black Lives Matter?” A reprise

TRIGGER WARNING: (As if you weren’t already warned in the title of the post.) If you thought the arrest of the two men who lynched Ahmaud Arbery was enough… the end… then you need to stop RIGHT HERE and move on to other things. My lament continues.

There are things to still talk about. Things we, as whites, need to do. I will not argue with you over the phrase “black lives matter” or other supposed issues from that phrase or protests in that time period. I am here to lament and try to persuade my white brothers and sisters to keep moving forward for Ahmaud Arbery. If this is not for you… move on.

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