A progressive racist

The “Presidential” podcast goes through each of our presidents to the present. Each one is interesting and the take in each particular episode is interesting.

The podcast will take on the complicated narrative of each president, and Woodrow Wilson is a great example. He was a progressive politically. Teddy Roosevelt was another progressive president preceding Wilson. In his time the country looked to Congress as the most powerful branch. Wilson believed the president should have the higher percentage of power.

The era had a progressive movement somewhat like we had today. Conservation and the establishment of national parks came in this era. Labor laws helping regulate hours worked on the job per week were being established. The U.S. on the major world stage forms in this era.

And then there is Wilson the racist. While he is raised in Virginia most of his formative years, he’s really a Northerner. The analysis in this episode is interesting. The claim is that in this time period, all whites had racist bents. The South was… well… the South. But the North… white Northerners looked at Blacks as irritants. Wilson, according to the discussion, was a white Norther racist. He worked on how to treat Blacks, and it usually ended up as “less than.”

Listen HERE to this interesting episode.

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