Pentecostalism and the ancient church faith

Pentecostal Orthodoxy is out and I am here for it. Emilio Alvarez hits home for me: If you are a Pentecostal and you find yourself tired of solely identifying yourself with ripped-jeans, muscle-shirt preachers with $100 haircuts and heavily tinted beard; if you find yourself tired of moralistic therapy accompanied by emotional, performance-based worship devoidContinue reading “Pentecostalism and the ancient church faith”

Losing giants of the faith

I grew up Pentecostal. When I was just starting into ministry I was introduced to the work of Edith Blumhofer and enjoyed her work on Assemblies of God history. Years later I was able to meet Vinson Synan a couple of times. He was another great historian and was a bridge from eyewitnesses of theContinue reading “Losing giants of the faith”

Intentional, Confessional… Pentecostal

Is that even “legal?” 😉 Intentional. Pentecostals are known more for spontaneity than intentionality in worship. If it’s planned these days, it’s more pragmatism than thoughtful worship. What I seek is intentional worship. Careful attention to the songs we sing, the Scripture we read, the education we give our children… all of it. As aContinue reading “Intentional, Confessional… Pentecostal”

My Great Loves

Happy Valentine’s Day! I confess my great loves today. First is my great love for God. I spent this weekend in a “silent” retreat contemplating Ephesians 1-3. I love Ephesians. For the past 15 plus years of my life it has been bedrock to my life. Once again I was blown away by my God’sContinue reading “My Great Loves”