Is that even “legal?” 😉

Intentional. Pentecostals are known more for spontaneity than intentionality in worship. If it’s planned these days, it’s more pragmatism than thoughtful worship.

What I seek is intentional worship. Careful attention to the songs we sing, the Scripture we read, the education we give our children… all of it. As a Pentecostal pastor I am also looking at weekly communion. (Cue gasps.)

There is a rhythm of Kingdom life for the Church and I want to catch that rhythm. That takes intentional worship.

Confessional. We need to return to the basics. Last week (my first week back after a month long sabbatical) I had us read the Apostles’ Creed out loud in the service. We need to be reminded of the basics. We need to confess our faith and the ancient creeds help us formulate our confession. They did a good job back then. Why have we left it behind?

Pentecostal. It is simply out of my belief that the Spirit is still fully active today. We believe in the gifts of the Spirit and each believer can operate in those gifts as the Spirit gives them. We can pray for the sick and they can recover. We can see deliverance flow to those who are bound by oppression. We are empowered to be witnesses. I am intentionally Pentecostal.

As I have come through my sabbatical, and also my reading leading up to my sabbatical, those are three words that have captured my thinking. Intentional. Confessional. Pentecostal.

5 thoughts on “Intentional, Confessional… Pentecostal

  1. “It is simply out of my belief that the Spirit is still fully active today.” I think you mean it’s out of your belief that the Spirit is NOT still fully active. 🙂
    These words are powerful. Oh that the Bride of Christ may live them out fully. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. this is a great post Pastor. 3 key words that all believers should have in their hearts and minds for presenting Christ in their lives and in the fallen world.

    God is intentional, He is one who always confesses who He is and what He is about. And He is very much pentecostal in the things He does he is always active. We should desire deeply to be that likeness. Honestly.

  3. “Intentional Confessional Pentecostal” I love it…. I think it will lead to a deeper understanding of the working of the Spirit and Christ working through you as a body

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