The Gospel of Wealth

David Brooks is the like the Babe Ruth of columnists for me. Every time I see his column is like seeing Babe Ruth come to bat. You just wait to see him hit it out of the park.

This column on “The Gospel of Wealth” is powerful. I remember reading a short excerpt from David Platt’s book when the publisher was offering it for free. At the time it struck a chord but didn’t impress me because it sounded like so many other things I was reading at the time. Brooks going over this message again is just a solid reminder for me: American belief, American dreams, etc., just aren’t compatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We can’t serve God and mammon.

It doesn’t mean I’m not an American, or ashamed to be an American. It just means my biggest priorities need to be much different. It’s not the next big vehicle or next big house for me. It has to be the cause of Christ.

Brooks ends his column with a warning for Americans as well. We could handle wealth in the past because we worked to be responsible. Those principles eroded and now we’re in this mess. We have to figure out new paradigms as Americans. Good warning.

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