Pentecostalism and the ancient church faith

Pentecostal Orthodoxy is out and I am here for it. Emilio Alvarez hits home for me:

If you are a Pentecostal and you find yourself tired of solely identifying yourself with ripped-jeans, muscle-shirt preachers with $100 haircuts and heavily tinted beard; if you find yourself tired of moralistic therapy accompanied by emotional, performance-based worship devoid of godly and heavenly revelation; if you find yourself tired of of the superficial and devotion to vestments, protocols, and ordinations with no connection to any historical or theological spiritual practice; if you yearn to discover the spiritual, contemplative, and theological writings of the Fathers and Mothers of the early church; of you find yourself frustrated with the lack of classical hermeneutical proximity as it relates to exegetical biblical preaching; if you find yourself desiring to renew your practice of a liturgical and sacramental spirituality inclusive of the Eucharist as a the sacrament of the kingdom — then you are being drawn to the ancient wells of the Great Tradition. (p. 13)

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