The everyday life with God

“Your problem is not the first fifteen minutes of the day (what we would want to call “devotions”). It’s the next twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes. You must arrange your days so that you are experiencing total contentment, joy, and confidence in your everyday life with God.” (Dallas Willard quote in Soul Keeping, by John Ortberg)Continue reading “The everyday life with God”

Addiction and worship

Addiction… is a kind of worship, a kind of counterfeit worship. For the soul was created to worship… There is no such thing as an uncommitted person. An addict is the supreme example of trying to satisfy the soul with all the wrong things. The more it’s fed, the more it craves. — John Ortberg, SoulContinue reading “Addiction and worship”

Soul Satisfaction

In a very self-driven world, looking out for the true betterment of others seems… odd. I actually got into taking a few selfies this past weekend while we were out, so I’ll be showing those later… So… “YAY ME!” We really are into celebrating ourselves. Oddly enough, living for that self satisfaction is actually soul destroying. Continue reading “Soul Satisfaction”

Being busy is not being hurried

In Soul Keeping, Ortberg points out what we already know: we’re busy. Being busy is not the same as being hurried. Being hurried is much more harmful. You don’t always want to be busy, but you really don’t want to be hurried. Busy We have a full schedule There are many activities It’s an outward conditionContinue reading “Being busy is not being hurried”

“Saving” Souls

It’s not about the destination that “save” a soul. It’s about the condition of the soul. “If a car no longer works, it doesn’t matter much whether it ends up in a junkyard or the valet parking section of the Ritz-Carlton. we are not lost because we are going to wind up in the wrong place. WeContinue reading ““Saving” Souls”

What’s your hurry?

There are times when reading through the Bible in huge chunks is needed. There are a few times when the “One Year Bible” is helpful. Most of the time, it’s not necessary. The question is this: “What’s your hurry?” Why do you think you can read that one chapter of Luke once, maybe twice, and knowContinue reading “What’s your hurry?”