Soul Satisfaction

In a very self-driven world, looking out for the true betterment of others seems… odd.

I actually got into taking a few selfies this past weekend while we were out, so I’ll be showing those later… So… “YAY ME!”

We really are into celebrating ourselves.

Oddly enough, living for that self satisfaction is actually soul destroying. 

Jesus said if you devote your life to pleasing yourself, you will actually destroy your soul, whereas if you place honoring God above pleasing yourself, then your soul will be truly satisfied. (John Ortberg, Soul Keeping)

It’s there. Look it up.

An exercise to try, if you are interest in soul satisfaction:

The next time you’re in a competitive situation (work, relationships, kids’ ballgame, etc.), pray that the others around you will be more outstanding, more praised, and more used of God than yourself. Really pull for them. Rejoice in their success.

As Dallas Willard pointed out: “If Christians were universally to do this for each other, the earth would soon be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.”


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