Holy Moments and Sacred Ground

There are moments where the Spirit shows up in my life to refresh me. I love those moments especially when I don’t realize how much I need it. Being in Ethiopia teaching for 2 weeks, I am loving life right now. 

But I pulled up a book called Soul Keeping by John Ortberg on my Kindle app and began reading it again. The words of Dallas Willard swept in. (The first chapter is John’s story of meeting Dallas Willard and being discipled by him for over 20 years.)

Our soul is like a stream of water, which gives strength, direction, and harmony to every other area of our life.

There were other quotes John gave from Dallas. And my soul was refreshed. I was so refreshed I began weeping as I read more of those beautiful words. I read some of the notes I made in the text when I read it the first time.

Ortberg wrote of his frustration in ministry when he was younger and I saw a note I made there. It was from a couple of years ago and I simply noted those words hit me while I was sitting in a coffee shop. I wrote that here I was, a grown man crying in a coffee shop. I would never forgive John Ortberg for that.

I remember that moment then. And I began to weep again.

God gifts us with holy moments and right where we are, even in a coffee shop or a break groom in a Bible college dorm, becomes holy ground.

I long for that deep soul walk with Jesus and those short sentences refreshed me.

These are special days I have. Every day I have is a gift. And I want that gift unpacked by the Spirit to see what the presence of Jesus can in that day.

I am thankful an old friend spoke those words so gently into my life and holy moments came.


One thought on “Holy Moments and Sacred Ground

  1. I had a moment like that a few weeks ago while singing a song in church. I just sat down in my chair and quietly cried. One line brought back a number of memories and incidents that had nothing to do with the theme of the song – nor the direction the church service was going.

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