Soul satisfaction

I need to return to Ortbrerg’s work, Soul Keeping. I need those words to wash over me deeply because there are too many moments this past week where it hasn’t been well with my soul.

“How is my soul doing?”

“When the will has become enslaved by its need, when the mind has become obsesses with the object of its desire, when the appetite of the body has become the master rather than the servant, the soul is disordered.”

Without Christ we deal with souls… and the soul is dissatisfied. Our souls always crave and are never satisfied.

In Christ, we have these directions from the Lord: “If you devote your life to pleasing yourself, you will actually destroy your soul. However, if you place honoring God above pleasing yourself, then your soul is truly satisfied.”

Ortberg’s advice:

Whenever you’re disappointed, whenever you don’t get your way, take that disappointment as a chance to practice soul-satisfaction in God.

How is my soul doing?

Find rest, my soul, in Christ alone.

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