A record must be left

This counts for so little, I know. But, in some dusty corner of the internet bin one day, may this record stand.

The House hearing on the January 6 INSURRECTION is starting and this is the written testimony of one of the Capitol Police Officers. HERE.

I won’t repost one of the more heartbreaking parts because of the use of the “N” word.

I will say this here and now… again: The current derisive use among white conservative Christians of the words “CRT” and “woke” are the new “N” word. In the past week I’ve heard two Christian men I clearly admire say those words with derision and lack of understanding and I’m pissed.

This will sit in a dusty corner of the interwebs. I know. But… let it be there for someone to maybe find generations from now.

Emptying Bad Memories Into the Dustbin of History, By Adebayo Bodunrin -  Premium Times Opinion

History does indeed repeat itself

To repent, To change…

While the violence in Tulsa was stunning, American history is littered with examples of street battles, racist uprisings, and mass killings. The history of the 1898 Wilmington, North Carolina, massacre and coup, in which a racist mob overthrew the city government, is its own category of chilling. So is the Rosewood Massacre. The list goes on. 

It is not “hating America” to acknowledge this is part of our story. It is not unpatriotic to understand that much of our present reality exists because the legacy of past atrocities does not fade as quickly as their memory. 

More HERE.

The Tulsa Massacre

The moral convulsion

“The period between the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown in the summer of 2014 and the election of November 2020 represents the latest in a series of great transitional moments in American history. Whether we emerge from this transition stronger depends on our ability, from the bottom up and the top down, to build organizations targeted at our many problems. If history is any guide, this will be the work not of months, but of one or two decades.” — David Brooks

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