Idolatry isn’t always about competing gods

One site we visited in Israel was the place where Jeroboam set up the second calf for the northern tribes to worship in the far north of Israel. The footprint of the altar area is huge and the upper part is outlined by a metal frame.

Temple area in northern Israel where Jeroboam set up second golden calf.

Through our trip we had constant reminders that when it comes to God and serving him, the temptation is not only to turn from God and serve other gods. The temptation also comes to us to serve God and other gods. There are artifacts of other altars to other gods all over Israel. There are artifacts of idols to other gods all over Israel. They represent times when Israelites didn’t turn from God, they just added gods to hedge their bets.

Idolatry in our day can look much the same. We love God… but…

Don’t hedge your bets. The call is to be “all in” on one God.

Replica of an altar area in ancient Israel where an Israelite village worship Yahweh and Asherah in the same space.

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