A well designed sanctuary

This space was easily the most impressive worship space I visited in Israel. It is a Catholic Church in Magdala. The altar is in the shape of a fishing boat and the view through the window behind makes it look like it is floating on Galilee.

We also visited a spot on the shores of Galilee that became a holy moment for me. It is a small church built to honor Peter but it also protects a set of ancient steps that are probably from the time of Christ. It is quite possible these steps may have been used by Jesus and some of his disciples. The church is small but when I entered I was hushed in my spirit by a sense of being in a holy place. The sense that Jesus had truly passed this way.

Church of the Primacy of St. Peter. Steps outside the church wall could be over 2000 years old
Inside the church. More exposed rock in front of the altar. A place where Jesus and his disciples might have walked. It became a holy space for me.

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