Walking with God — Lot and Abraham

I have been walking my way through Genesis reflecting on the subject “walking with God.” I am enjoying my journey into the life of Abraham and have come to the place where Abraham has interceded for Sodom and now Lot has to get out. My brief thought it s this: Abraham developed a walk withContinue reading “Walking with God — Lot and Abraham”

Goals are dreams with deadlines — um, no

  It’s a very Western saying. We tend to not like dreamers. Dreamers don’t get anything done. They sit around and, well, dream. We can’t wait that long! We need a PLAN! Dreams in the Bible were different. For Abraham, he had a dream. If he had put a deadline on it, he would haveContinue reading “Goals are dreams with deadlines — um, no”

Anchor of our soul

We need the tie of generations in the faith because each generation can demonstration the depth of faith that is possible. We can observe that in the generations that came before. We can learn from them.  When we demonstrate the depth of faith, a faith that cannot be shaken, and demonstrate the faithfulness of God, weContinue reading “Anchor of our soul”

Why the “generation of promise” may not be JUST 25 and under

I work part of the time in a college environment and we have a growing number of young adults in our church. I have three young adult sons. I can actually remember the “fire in my belly” coming out of college. (My memory isn’t completely gone.) So, it’s natural to hear about motivating the generationContinue reading “Why the “generation of promise” may not be JUST 25 and under”