Goals are dreams with deadlines — um, no


It’s a very Western saying. We tend to not like dreamers. Dreamers don’t get anything done. They sit around and, well, dream.

We can’t wait that long! We need a PLAN!

Dreams in the Bible were different. For Abraham, he had a dream. If he had put a deadline on it, he would have settled with Ishmael.

For Joseph, his deadline wouldn’t have been 13 years out and wouldn’t have involved slavery and prison.

We don’t want to just “dream.” We DO want to hear from God. And then we need to understand it is our faithful walk with God that will keep the dream alive, and then we realize we can allow that dream to go past even the deadline of our own lives.

Abraham never saw that “nation” God promised. It didn’t stop him from dreaming. That deadline wasn’t up to him. It was up to God.

Dream God’s dreams. Don’t give up. Walk with him. Let those dreams stir again.


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