Walking with God

My journey has me in the Pentateuch right now and I am doing a subset study I call “they walked with God” based on a sermon I had three years ago. I knew I was just scratching the surface, so I am back to it now. I am looking at Adam, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham.

I am currently deep in the life of Abraham and really have a sense of walking on holy ground. Abraham is wonderfully imperfect. I identify so readily with his major screwups.

I started into Genesis 17:1 and realized it was 13 years between Ishmael and this promise. It wasn’t necessarily 13 years of silence, but 13 years of quiet regarding the promise of a son. It’s been 24 years since the first word of blessing and promise.

Even in the “silence,” Abraham walks on. There are things far more important in walking with God than the promise given for a particular action.

It is God himself. Abraham walked with God, not the promises of God. If he was following because of a promise, his walk with God would have been transactional. But Abraham’s walk was relational.

I am 55 years old and I’m as disappointed in the American church as I’ve ever been, which is saying something after taking in the last five years. But I am in love with Christ and I walk with him. I also know that Christ is the head of the Church and has a Body that is the Church… so I walk on with Christ and find his Body.

I love Christ. I am not chasing some promise. I am not fixed on the broken parts of the Church. I love HIM, so I walk with him. It may be dark. It may be confusing, but I will walk with him and find his Body. It is about walking with the the One who is life. It is a beautiful walk with a beautiful Savior… even in the darkness.

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