You’ve Heard the One About the Bad Tipper

Okay, ENOUGH ALREADY! We’ve heard time and TIME AGAIN about the waitress at Applebee’s that posted the receipt from a pastor. The receipt had a note that said, “I give God 10%. Why should you get 18?” Bad Christian! BAD CHRISTIAN! Then, the blogs and comments on blogs, and comments on Facebook fly: “See? ThisContinue reading “You’ve Heard the One About the Bad Tipper”

Journalism as a Dying Trade

I grew up thinking I would be a journalist. Lou Grant, the TV series after Mary Tyler Moore, was a favorite of mine. Print media is dying, dead, beyond dead… whatever. However, does that mean we have to kill journalism as well? The internet is a wonderful tool for me because I can access allContinue reading “Journalism as a Dying Trade”

Two Words Can Change a Life

Last week at the Kiwanis International Convention we heard from Sean and Leanne Tuohy, the real life couple featured in the movie The Blind Side. Sharing the first time they saw Michael Oher, Sean Tuohy mentioned his wife said two words that changed their lives. They were driving down the road and saw Michael walkingContinue reading “Two Words Can Change a Life”

A New Play on the Last Week of Christ

Kingdom Undone is a new production in the Twin Cities. It takes a look at the ministry of Christ and his purposes through the lens of Judas Iscariot and a young zealot named Isaac. The play was well done and a fresh take. The first act added in some great humor, but the refreshing lookContinue reading “A New Play on the Last Week of Christ”

Speaking Truth to Power May Cost You Your Head

The utopian thought we have with the “Occupy” movement (and other things) is the beautiful thought of “speaking truth to power.” It is so bold. Unless, of course, it’s not. Too often that phrase just really means, “I’m looking for a photo op.” Speaking truth to power costs. Ask Gandhi. Ask Martin Luther King, Jr.Continue reading “Speaking Truth to Power May Cost You Your Head”

Is it really time for civil disobedience?

The issue in the last couple of weeks with the Obama administration and the Catholic church has been over healthcare policy and contraception. Originally, the Obama administration was going to enforce the policy that any organization over a certain size had to provide a health insurance policy for employees, including the option for contraception. ThisContinue reading “Is it really time for civil disobedience?”

Immigrants and Strangers

As James K.A. Smith would say in his book, Desiring the Kingdom, everything calls for allegiance. All of life has liturgies all around. Which liturgy will call out for our allegiance and we will respond? We are in the thick of political season in the U.S. Let’s face it, as long as there is aContinue reading “Immigrants and Strangers”