A New Play on the Last Week of Christ

Kingdom Undone is a new production in the Twin Cities. It takes a look at the ministry of Christ and his purposes through the lens of Judas Iscariot and a young zealot named Isaac.

The play was well done and a fresh take. The first act added in some great humor, but the refreshing look was seeing how Judas might have thought of what was happening in the life of Jesus.

The great thing I came away with is we all think we have the great idea of the Kingdom in our minds. We think of our ideas of justice, liberation, who is “in”, etc. What we sometimes forget to do is actually listen to Jesus.

The acting is tremendous. The music blends in quite well. I honestly think they could develop the music a bit more. The songs were few, but powerful. Working on that piece would enhance the power of the moments the songs are done.

If you are in the Twin Cities, I would suggest seeing THIS play rather than the normal portrayals we will typically get this time of year. We all know the story… or so we think! Try this one for a fresh view.

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