Heaven and hell isn’t the ultimate question

If I could get every American conservative Christian to read Surprised by Hope, it would be mandatory reading. Wright forces my thinking away from what I thought was the ultimate question: Who is going to heaven or hell? (And, did God send them there or did humans choose?) Maybe we’re asking wrong questions, and thisContinue reading “Heaven and hell isn’t the ultimate question”

We think we have “ultimate question” but we don’t

“What do I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:17) We want the “ultimate answers” settled without looking right in front of us. If we’d look right in front of us we’d find the answers to our “ultimate” questions. And we’d find those “ultimate” questions less vital. 

The Power of the Gospel

“The power of the gospel lies not in the offer of a new spirituality or religious experience, not in the threat of hellfire (certainly not in the threat of being “left behind”), which can be removed if only the hearer checks the box, says this prayer, raises a hand, or whatever, but in the powerfulContinue reading “The Power of the Gospel”

News Flash My earlier comments regarding Bill Buckley and Larry Norman were not meant as affirmations or denials of their place, or lack thereof, in heaven. Bill Buckley being a conservative, or Larry Norman being a Christian rock star, is not the proof offered of their place in heaven. Their eternal condition was not reallyContinue reading