Faith… I just KNOW

I’ve spent this morning contemplating Hebrews 11… and faith… and I find myself overwhelmed by the presence of the Spirit. It has sustained me for hours.

I have walked again on holy ground in this passage. I am contemplating v. 14 — “… they are seeking a homeland.” This settled into my heart again and I thought of that beautiful phrase: I am homesick for a place I’ve never been.

There are days it’s all I think about. I love the land I’ve never seen. I love the King I’ve never laid eyes on. It’s reality to me. This is faith. I am reminded of how little I care about this world’s systems and our debates. There is a homeland I serve with a higher agenda and that is what I will serve. Everything else falls short.

For today, I am living in awe of what I know. And that reality is faith. And that is enough.

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