The discipled political church

“…when it comes to American politics, Trump has discipled the church far more than the church has discipled Trump.” — David French.

More HERE.

Many millions of Republicans aren’t just Republicans on Election Day, they’re Republicans every day. And Donald Trump placed every-day Republicans in a constant dilemma. Did you point it out when he did evil things? Or did you mainly remain silent, trusting in the notion that no matter how bad Trump was, his opponents were worse?

Or, even worse, did the tension between Trump’s actions and your own morality grow so great that you started to redefine morality itself? How many people made the migration from supporting Trump in spite of his character to supporting him because of who he was? I can think of countless folks, in both public and private life. 

That’s what discipling looks like.

And if you’re wondering why I would share yet another post about my distaste for Trump, it is because white American Christians are still looking to him and if he is the nominee for the GOP in 2024, he has a clear agenda that is immoral, not just “unAmerican.” (HERE)

Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, and so many more “GOP leaders” may be an easy vote for you because “they’re not Donald Trump.” My response is… yes, they are.

Why? Because they want the cheers of an unthinking crowd (as in those clips shared in David French’s article) and that crowd has been thoroughly discipled by Trump. They are now direct disciples of Trump and to sit back and ignore all this is 1. allowing yourself as a believer to be discipled by an immoral man and 2. dereliction of duty as an American voter.

We, the people, have become unbelievably lazy. Why have we, the people who are Christians in this culture, become so lazy as well? This I do not understand.

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