Dear Royals… America liked you better as a doormat

Dear Royals,

I usually write my annual letter of disappointment to you early in Spring Training. I was so thankful to not have to write that this year because you took the season to the last possible out last year. What a ride!

But America seems to have a beef with you now. They liked you better as doormats. But now that you can’t be knocked to the ground so easily, and you’re showing a bit of bite to your game… writers aren’t “in” so much. Get a little moxie and people just get a bit shocked.

First of all, don’t just go out to look for a fight, but second of all… thank you. You are playing like winners from the start and you just won’t be backed down with chippy little words like you used to.

Let’s play ball and let’s get back to the Series. YOU are a good team.