Hope for the Cubbies

From a longsuffering Kansas City Royals fan to all Cubs fans everywhere:

First of all, as a longsuffering Royals fan, I’m honest. Cubs fans put the LONG in longsuffering. I only had to wait 29 years. 

Second of all, this Cubs team is not cursed. That billy goat has long been satisfied. This is a team that can actually come back from 3-1. They’re playing a team whose city knows that well. I mean, I cheer for a team that knew that in 1985.

This isn’t a year when anyone can look at one moment, one play, one fluke call, and say, “Oh, here we go again.” Not this year. Not this team. Not this city. This team can actually make that marvelous comeback. I know analysis is already going on about Joe Maddon and how Tampa Bay’s team went limp in the Series, etc. But, hey, it’s a LOT different to talk about that than a foul ball that got touched, right? And, I don’t think Maddon’s really cursed… yet.

Ultimately, what I want to say to Cubs fans is this: If Cleveland just finishes the Cubs off tonight and they’re out on that field celebrating, or it happens in Cleveland, there really IS next year. This is a Cubs team built to last. When KC had to deal with SF on an even year and were 90 feet away from a tie game in Game 7, it wasn’t a feeling of, “Crap… another 29 years to go…” It was a sense of, “Okay, we’ll get to this next year.”

The Royals let it bother them that they were 90 feet away from a tie and made the determination to set up the next season for a win. I hadn’t been able to witness that in any team I have cheered for in years. This team was different.

So are the Cubs.

But, hey, they can still win it this year.

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