San Francisco bans a song

In the spirit of baseball superstition, the city of San Francisco will ban the Lorde song “Royals” from the airwaves for the duration of getting spanked by the KC Royals in the World Series. (Just wishful thinking on that last part.)

Hey, FRISCO! (I know you hate that… so I’m saying it.) The song isn’t even about the Royals! DUH! It was inspired by George Brett… but the singer is 17 years old! What in the world does SHE know?!?!

I’m swearing off sourdough bread for the next two weeks in protest.

And here is a parody of the song that actually talks about… you know… the REAL Royals.

Here is to a (hopefully) fun World Series!


Thank you, Royals!

Just about every Spring Training I write my annual love letter to the Royals. Every year comes with that tinge of expectation… not of victory but of bringing me to the very edge of hope and then dropping me off a cliff.

This year I didn’t write the letter. Hopes were too high. They had all the pieces in place. They had the starting pitching. They had finally figured out Wade Davis. Their bullpen was impressive. Moustakis had an incredible spring training. It was all there. It would have been so painful to write yet another love letter of hope and see THIS team crush my dreams.

But… they did not. They squeaked into the playoffs (thank you, Bud Selig) and have cruised to 8 straight wins over two heavily favored teams.

While pundits predicted a LA series, we end up with two wild cards. The Giants are simply scary because it is an even year and in 2010 and 2012 they roared into the Series and crushed opponents. This time they are almost virtually ignored because of the story the Royals have given the media. That’s what still makes the Giants scary.

But for now, the day before the Series begins, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the Royals. Just like the Chiefs making the playoffs last year (and getting spanked by the Colts after building a HUGE lead), KC was thrilled for the Chiefs. This year, no matter how this Series turns out, it is simply incredible to see the Royals right here. Right now.

They were built for the playoffs and this is exactly where they have landed.

I wear my KC cap all the time in Minneapolis. Even here there is good will toward the team. I get a thumbs up quite often walking down the street.

After a 29 year drought, it’s finally great to be a Royals fan again. Thanks, KC.

FINALLY… A Decent World Series

The Series may end tonight with the Texas Rangers taking the game. But it has been a fun Series to watch. It’s been awhile since I could say that. If the Cardinals rally tonight and it goes seven, this will REALLY be a fun Series.

There are certainly the goof-ups. Tony Larussa making HUGE mistakes in bullpen calls is simply unprecedented. Is he ready to hang it up, or what?

That said, baseball NEEDS some changes. This column makes some great suggestions. I still don’t favor instant replay in the game, but at the beginning of this season, I said basically the same thing about the number of games. The schedule could be trimmed back to 154 or 148 games and the playoffs shortened. I’d still like a 7 game World Series, but 7 games in the League Championship Series is getting crazy.

The Series winner this year will be deserving. Far more than the typical Yankees/Red Sox juggernaut, these two teams were far more prepared for the run through the season and simply the best teams left on the field. I am pulling for the Cards because of the phenomenal way they pulled themselves up and stormed into the post season. But the Rangers are a GREAT story and irritating Democrats by having President Bush in the picture for a couple of games in Texas is always an added bonus. 😉