I love talk radio. It has been an addiction of mine for several years. Lately, however, I have become aggravated. Left wing, right wing, no wing, there are talk radio stations for every stripe. The aggravation is in this: there is a lot of talking and very little listening. And on the bizarre news side,Continue reading

What have we come to in the United States? Unreal real estate! When it comes to my own personal search for views on the world situation today, I find only conflict. Quite honestly, I have grown up conservative and Republican, but the more I view the world and talk to different people, even with “evangelicalContinue reading

I miss my Dad’s generation. When it comes to work around the church, I miss my Dad’s generation. His generation has a fierce loyalty to place. When a church work day was called, you would show up and actually work. There were always those who came to drink the coffee, eat the donuts, and talkContinue reading

What does it mean to be for “the other”? Dietrich Bonhoeffer was tremendously challenged with understanding the Body of Christ and how Christ dwells in the midst of his people. We must be there FOR each other. There is a leaning on each other that must happen. When we will be there for the other,Continue reading

I have grown up in the Pentecostal church. It is a church and movement I dearly love. The missions effort among our denomination is strong and one of the biggest in the world. Pentecostal theology is powerful. Yet, in our culture today, there is a drawing of political power that is mesmerizing conservative Christians, andContinue reading