Create or Consume

We are a consumer-driven society. Creativity is at low ebb. There is a new “Karate Kid” movie coming out. Really? Re-hash something from the mid 80s? Is that the best we can do? All that money in Hollywood… and we get another Karate Kid. Wow.

This article makes the case for creativity and says so many things I have thought over the past few years. One point they take up is the obsession with video games. We have Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but we’re learning to play plastic toys, not real instruments. Real instruments take too much time!

We need to create. What is the masterpiece within you? What is the symphony in your heart? What is the novel? What is the painting? What is the new form of creativity within you? We are created in the image of God. God creates. He does not consume.

5 thoughts on “Create or Consume

  1. Dan, I read the article = so many tings are opening up for me on this lol! Could this be a reason why church memberships and commitment to church life is such a probem for people? Less than about creating is about who are we going to become and how are we going to fulfill God’s will and purpose for us in this world? What steps can we take, do we need to take to be sure our own children avoid life long dependancy on us on things to ge along but instead learn to be productive? on and on and on! Bless you friend.

    1. That’s a good thought on church commitment. We seem to NOT want to try! Things take too long. We don’t want to dig in and have long-term fruit of good relationships. We just want to consume and toss out.

  2. Good read. the generation of More more more, and take this, and get that. All that is out there are just resources , they are not meant to give us life. They are not the source of life. Whatever we consume is for a short moment. If we are to consume anything , let’s consume the Word of God instead. Because that has a promise to fulfill us, shape and mold us, and satisfy us like nothing else can.

    one more movie version won’t do it, or plastic video guitar either. Entertainment it is, basically. Not saying that entertainment is all bad… Yet and sadly, churches start to look like entertainment also. as parishoners consume them like popcorn at the movies. all what’s left when the ‘show’ is over is an empty carton of kernels and buttery fingers.

  3. This is a really good point. I have never forgotten the day you taught us the difference between recreation and entertainment and I try to structure my free time to accommodate much more of the former than of the later.

  4. It seems to me this may have begun with the invention of the television. I don’t mean to bash the box or say that’s it’s the one and only evil in the world. But think about it, for decades now we’ve trained ourselves to sit in front of the screen doing absolutely nothing but watch other people (fictional though they be) live.

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