“Simplicity is restful contempt for the non-essentials of life.” What a beautiful line. It’s from this article on simplicity.

We keep expanding the list of what is “non-essential.” And we get in trouble for it. What I think I must have is such a long list these days. The goal is to pare down. Understand the essentials.

This is true in faith as well. For all the theological grenades we can launch at each other, there are very few essentials. And when you get down to it (with no apologies to those who want to continue to divide), there are so many Christians who truly love Jesus and long to serve him. Calvinists. Ariminians. Catholics. Orthodox. Pentecostals. Baptists. Modern. Postmodern. We don’t always get it right. But in essentials, we must truly find a way to make sure we are loving Jesus and not hating our brother.

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