Pressing prayers… but more

Esau McCaulley has some powerful words we should heed:

I believe in the power of prayer. But the Christian response can’t be limited to it. That assumes that all activity on behalf of the innocent lies in the hands of the almighty when the Christian Scriptures themselves suggest that God will judge us according to how we treat the most vulnerable. We should not be accountable for only the fervency of our intercession but also for the relentlessness of our actions.

What legacy do we leave as a generation? McCaulley sounds a loud alarm:

Years from now, when those of us alive today have gone the way of all flesh, others will wander through our graveyards. They will see the waves of tombstones commemorating children with not enough years between the first number and the last. But unlike those children in Scotland, the cause of those tragedies will not be a mystery. The undeniable testimony of our actions will be that our children kept dying because some of us did not love them enough.

More HERE.

The tragedy of this generation will be our inaction. Our passivity. What MLK condemned sitting in a Birmingham jail a generation ago is still in need of condemning today.

Give God no rest. YES.

Give CONGRESS no rest… AS WELL.

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