The education and transformation we need in conversations about race

These are not for your listening or reading “enjoyment.” Rather, I read and listen to learn, be challenged, and hopefully grow. I am grateful of these voices. Esau McCaulley writes about how we like to cherry pick our favorite parts of MLK. We don’t want to recognize King the Radical. McCaulley then cuts loose onContinue reading “The education and transformation we need in conversations about race”

Engaging the New Jim Crow

I KNOW WHY THE WHITE CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS ARE STILL “CROWING” ABOUT CRT. They are wanting to regain the foothold of fear. They need legislatures and school boards to re-engage in new Jim Crow laws and tactics. THEY WANT FEAR. Where are we, as white believers? Black Christians are backed out. It’s not THEIR FAULT. ItContinue reading “Engaging the New Jim Crow”

The American Church is incredibly sick and in need of healing

What has the COVID-19 pandemic said about the American church? Who have we revealed ourselves to be under pressure? I am talking not about the virus itself. I am talking about the social crisis of the pandemic, which brought to light the ongoing experience of racism and injustice by ethnic minorities in this country.