Engaging the New Jim Crow

I KNOW WHY THE WHITE CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS ARE STILL “CROWING” ABOUT CRT. They are wanting to regain the foothold of fear. They need legislatures and school boards to re-engage in new Jim Crow laws and tactics. THEY WANT FEAR. Where are we, as white believers? Black Christians are backed out. It’s not THEIR FAULT. ItContinue reading “Engaging the New Jim Crow”

The American Church is incredibly sick and in need of healing

What has the COVID-19 pandemic said about the American church? Who have we revealed ourselves to be under pressure? I am talking not about the virus itself. I am talking about the social crisis of the pandemic, which brought to light the ongoing experience of racism and injustice by ethnic minorities in this country.

The trauma we place on Black America

Esau McCaulley gets to the core again as he unpacks the trial of Derek Chauvin, convicted yesterday in the murder of George Floyd. The United States demands too much wisdom from Black parents. We must walk that fine line between telling the truth about how cruel America can be toward Black bodies and souls andContinue reading “The trauma we place on Black America”

Book Review: Reading While Black

I have come into the Anglican tradition late. I grew up in a Pentecostal church and was a minister in a Pentecostal tradition for 30 years. In the past two years I have transitioned to the Anglican Church and am now seeking transfer of ordination so I may be a vocational deacon on the AnglicanContinue reading “Book Review: Reading While Black”