One more book

The Religion of American Greatness by Paul D Palmer is one I am adding to my “year in books.” I just listened to it on Audible and WOW!

Palmer gets at the heart of Christian Nationalism and calls it out. He digs into the deep roots of our American problem. It is a clear call not only about Christian Nationalism, but the dangers of extreme ideologies.

In other words, we are in BIG trouble as a nation. I’m honestly left with some huge questions and concerns about the viability of the American experiment. From the hard left tot the hard right we have major obstacles.

The biggest positive for me is Palmer isn’t writing as a progressive bashing Christian Nationalism. He is writing about his tribe. White, conservative, evangelicals. He is calling out his own house.

Like the Holy Post podcast, I find a kindred spirit crying out: What happened to my church??

This book is incredibly important. If you’ve followed me this far in the journey, you’ll probably know when I hype something like this… GO GET THE BOOK!

There are more takeaways I may share but for now… this book is well worth your time!

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