The numbers representing White Christian Nationalism

There is no other way to say this. It is White Christian Nationalism. This is disheartening. This is sickening. Should America be a nation made up of people from a wide variety of religions? A growing number of religious and non-religious Americans say yes, according to a new study from Public Religion Research Institute. ButContinue reading “The numbers representing White Christian Nationalism”

The “pre” post mortem on the fall of evangelicalism

It will take another 25 years or so to honestly do a decent job on the post mortem, but there are the roots of this fall that are being talked about now. We are entering a time of Babylonian captivity as the white conservative church. The question of our awareness and willingness is another matterContinue reading “The “pre” post mortem on the fall of evangelicalism”

There is always a remnant

For years and years I have held to what I have called a “remnant theology.” I haven’t voiced it well, and I know my version of it may not match up with other thoughts. There is always a remnant. While we chase numbers and bigness, that is never a true measure of the Kingdom ofContinue reading “There is always a remnant”