The cost of following and not following Jesus

This is about the longest break I’ve taken from blogging in a long time. There was a bout with COVID, dealing with a physical injury… and time slipped away.

I am now in 2 Timothy 2 on my journey and Paul reminds me of the cost of discipleship in the first seven verses. The call of Jesus is not to form crowds. The biggest list of “followers” in the social media vernacular, or the highest level of attendance, in church vernacular, wasn’t the goal. Jesus didn’t want crowds. He wanted followers.

If the crowd got too big, Jesus thinned it out by going over the costs of following him.

There is a cost to follow… and NOT follow… Jesus.

And Jesus wasn’t afraid to have people consider all the costs and make their own decision. Paul was he same. He wanted Timothy following Jesus with thoughtful obedience.

Don’t lie to people about the costs of following Jesus. Let people truly consider Jesus!

And look for followers of Christ… not crowds just meeting in his name.

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