Constant rhythms in my life

“Without grace, the Christian liturgy is hollow, and fruitful participation in it is impossible. The liturgy, like everything good in life, is an instance of grace.” — Patrick Malloy, Celebrating the Eucharist

“Liturgy will carry you. Those seasons when you’re not sure what you believe. Those moments when you’re struggling with the church, or your family, or a job, or any number of other things. Those times when you’re in between decisions and the way forward is not yet clear. Those days when your heart longs for the sacred. Those times when you’ve lived your week among chaos, and you need to be reminded of what is true.” — Traci Rhoades, Shaky Ground: What to Do After the Bottom Drops Out

Those constant rhythms of liturgy have been life giving to me. It’s a place where I find “home.” It is the bass note of my life.

Photo Credit: Philippe Bout, Unsplash

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