Deep righteousness

If there is a place I could camp in Scriptures for the rest of my life, it would be the Sermon on the Mount. I find so many other places to love and visit, but the Sermon has been my Everest climb for the past 25 plus years.

I walk through this passage again as I work my way through the Ancient Wells list and keep in mind my desire to live well in the “Last Third” of my life. I think of 5:21-48 in this way:

A Deep Righteousness:

  1. Doesn’t treat people with contempt, but looks to forgive quickly (5:21-26)
  2. Doesn’t push the envelope, but looks for deep commitment and radical love that can’t be swayed (5:27-30)
  3. Doesn’t want easy fixes, but desires covenant relationship (5:31-32)
  4. Doesn’t favor hyperbole, but walks with such depth that one word from them is completely sufficient (5:33-37)
  5. Doesn’t look to retaliate, but desires generosity (5:38-42)
  6. Doesn’t hate, but finds the way of perfect love (5:43-48)

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