We have pursued power

My ancient wells reading now has me in the Sermon on the Mount. This is a key time for me to be dwelling in this passage as I think about “Last Third Living.”

I also dwell on the few verses before 5:1 and think about “power” and “attraction.”

Jesus had power. His power, though, didn’t attract the “powerful.” It attracted the edges of society. Jesus had power. He didn’t go seeking to be with “power.” His life was power.

If I am walking with true Kingdom power… who am I attracting? What am I desiring? Who do I want to be with?

The conservative evangelical movement in America has sought power. I can remember early on in ministry being in a church planting seminar with my former denomination and there were people talking about “We’ve been with the down and outers long enough. Someone needs to reach the up and outers.”

All that turned out to mean is, “We want to be seen hanging with a different crowd.”

While Christian nationalists can point to the Supreme Court and declare, “It was worth it,” I am not so sure.

These are challenges I am faced with in my life as I contemplate living this “last third.”

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