The failure is horrifying

The failure of first responders on the scene in Uvalde, Texas is beyond horrifying. Children were being mowed down in a classroom with law enforcement on the scene. There are no words. But, David French has a few.

And so, at 11:35 a.m. the seven officers present had but one choice—fight to the death to protect and save as many children as they could. They were to emerge from that school with their shield or on it. There was no other moral choice. 

But they waited. And waited. And waited. Two different girls called 911, begging for help. Their classmates were dead and dying all around them. They were in mortal danger. The first call came at 12:03. That same girl called back at 12:10, at 12:13, and 12:16. A different girl called at 12:19. The final call came at 12:36.

At this same time, families were rushing to the school. Police blocked them from trying to reach their children. The result was ultimate anguish. The videos are hard to watch. 

More HERE.

I am NOT anti-police. I am hard on police when they don’t do their job. When they sit on the neck of a handcuffed man like George Floyd and squeeze the life out of him, I am for convicting those cops. When there are those “serving” in law enforcement who put on the uniform and have the equipment to strut around when it’s safe and then cower in fear when gunfire is live… I have no love. They are trained. They are informed of their duties… and then guys like these allow children to be slaughtered because they’re having second thoughts?

For that, I am anti-THOSE police. Save the children for God’s sake!

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