The politics of fear

In these Divided States of America, we are more “united” into our conclaves by what divides us. During this political season (which is getting to be just one long action the way we run elections these days) it is about instilling fear into your voting segment. Democrats need their base to fear global warming, Republicans, pro-life wackos, fundamentalist Christians,Continue reading “The politics of fear”

There is a good side to fear and shame?

Why yes, yes there is. As an adjunct professor dealing with students who blow by assignments without getting them in and expecting me to take them anyway… or to say they loaded them up on the class site… and a week later “notice” it didn’t load up… YES there is a “good” side to fearContinue reading “There is a good side to fear and shame?”

Violence in Our World

The bombing in Boston has shaken us again. We will be on the lookout again for the perpetrators, and then we will ask, “WHY?” In our time, we are fixated on “WHY” as if we should somehow be exempt from problems. Somehow violence needs to be “over there” and not “here.” Violence is a partContinue reading “Violence in Our World”