The Pilgrimage, Part 3

Part 1
Part 2

There are inadequate words.

It is the model heads put on posts to remember the 1811 German Coast Rebellion. The leaders of the slave rebellion were immediately convicted and sent back to their owners where they would be executed and their heads cut off and impaled so everyone on the plantation had to walk by them every day…

And then to reflect that just 50 plus years later, another whole group of rebels would be forgiven after their rebellion and sent home. Those rebels were white.

It is to see the huge kettles that would process the sugar in boiling water, the enslaved workers having to toil 24 hours a day when it was harvest season for sugar. The scalding deaths that occurred. The exhaustion. The owners beating them to work harder.

It is to see a sculpture representing Emancipation and freedom, but in seeing it today, I pray a different prayer:


My heart is set on pilgrimage. My mind is stirred for action.

Where do I go from here?

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