The Pilgrimage, Part 2

Part 1

Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. (Ps. 84:5, NIV)

We will journey to the Whitney Plantation in Louisiana. Our hearts are being set on pilgrimage. I want this way set in my heart.

This journey is to listen and absorb. In the past few years when I have walked in a place with historical significance, I have allowed those moments to slow down. I am touching history.

When I walked onto the Laura Plantation a few years ago, I touched the past.

When I was at Gettysburg, I touched the past.

When I was at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, I was touching the past.

This journey is about being with fellow pilgrims. Pilgrimage together is important. It is to feel the emotions together. It is to notice the different emotions and thoughts that arise.

The pilgrimage is to learn to treasure each other. We learn together.

This journey is to listen to those have gone before.

My heart is set.

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