The healing and the warning for the white conservative American church

Read Luke 13:10-17 HERE.

Jesus is dealing with Israel and their final opportunities for repentance as he heads toward the cross. He is trying to wake them up to their poisonous nationalism and desire for open rebellion against Rome. He is calling one more time for them to wake up, turn around, and head toward God.

The healing of the woman bent over with a disabling spirit is a perfect picture of Israel… and the white conservative American church. We are desperately in need of healing. Yet, when healing comes, the Pharisees complain about Jesus breaking the rules.

We see healing come to parts of the Church in America, yet we see other parts (white and conservative mainly) double down on the “rules.”

Jesus came to let Israel know they were running out of time. Perhaps these are warnings useful to the white American conservative church as well.

So, instead of letting loose with more diatribes about the sin of women in the pulpit or the great sin of the vastly unknown “CRT” (which I will contend is simply replacing the “N” word in our generation), perhaps we could do with heeding the warnings, turn around, and head for Jesus.

We need repentance. All we are getting right now is the doubling down of rebellion and hard-heartedness.

Lord, have mercy.

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