Hope in darkness

Hope and light in the darkness comes when WE are the light of Christ. We become the light of Christ when we deal with the darkness in our own lives.

Sometimes we forget that we are idol makers. We cling to the idols of power, institutions, misinformation, tradition. And sometimes we also forget that God is not silent in the face of idolatry and evil. He exposes their empty promises and reveals Christ as the remedy for our idol making tendencies. — Kristie Anyabwile, writing in “The Gospel of Advent” (CT Magazine).

We have been in a season of God exposing our culturalized Christian idols. It is a season of dealing with that exposure. Whenever God dealt with idols in his people before, it was a matter of exposing the ugliness and then letting the people deal with the idols. God didn’t tear them down. He exposed the practices… and left it to the people to tear them down.

We forget that we are idol makers. In this season of exposure, some have doubled down on their idols. Some have tried to cover the idols back up and say there was nothing really there. Others are tearing down the idols so they can find God again.

In finding God, we find his way. They way of light. The way of hope. The way of justice.

Will we finally choose hope in this season of darkness?

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