The love/hate relationship with social media

How many times I’ve tried to quit social media… and failed. I take breaks. I look in less often… and yet, there it is. Do I stay engaged? There are times when it irritates the living daylights out of me because there is far too much lack of discernment about those I thought to be “Christian” and I am too often left with my jaw on the floor.

Yet, there are some things to stay engaged with because there is such a serious lack of discernment. These are wise words:

… I may really need to quit Twitter. I may be self-justifying a damaging addiction. I truly do wish that a Christian ethical engagement with media was as easy as just quitting all the bad things, but there’s a kind of fundamentalist reductionism in this desire.
Instead, we are faced with a riskier path, a practice of ongoing discernment as we navigate these complicated questions about both the needs of our souls and our responsibility to others.

More HERE.

There is a need to stay engaged because there is a witness of sanity to be left. It may largely go unnoticed, but that is not enough reason to abandon the public square all together.

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